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  All scenes and models were created using POV-Ray and/or Moray.

2 Mice

Having fun with visual puns and cliches. Entered into the first

TINA CHeP Raytracing Challenge, Feb, 2007, subject,

 "This is not a checkered plane".

1 Bad Fog

This was my entry to the IRTC 6-30-06 stills competition, 

subject, "Light and Fog".


3 Eggs

This was my entry to the IRTC 8-31-05 stills competition, 

subject, "Minimalism".


srpntine.jpg (240942 bytes)


This was my entry to the IRTC 8-31-04 stills competition, 

subject, "Desert".



This was my entry to the IRTC 6-30-04 stills competition,

subject, "Epic Proportions"


I had intended to enter this in the IRTC 8-31-03 stills

competition, subject, "Surrealism", but I didn't get it

done in time.


Created by shining colored

lights through a virtual glass cone

with textured surface.

Odds & Ends

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